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We offer three disciplines focusing on health, culture, personal development and inter-relational evolution.

ZEN veko
In addition to weekly sessions, we also organize evening workshops and longer seminars.
Discover our three disciplines as well as where we practice.


Zen Veko is the art of moving into stillness and sitting in mindfulness by focusing on breathing, adjusting the vertical position and avoiding dispersion at every passing thought.

This is the basis of Vekigo Zen, the authentic experimental teaching of Zen Buddhism in the lineage of the MASTERS Dogen and Deshimaru.

Véko practice :

  • Attentiveness
  • Presence to self and surroundings,
  • Stimulation of the five senses,
  • Study of breathing,
  • Observation of the mental process and its impact on the body,
  • Development of body conscienceness and the Sixth Sense,
  • Active relaxation
  • Learning appropriate posture,
  • Verticality in a sitting or standing position,
  • Living in the moment . . . . .

Weekly practice schedule
(except during school holidays) :

  • Thursdays from 21h to 22h.

Financial participation : 150€ / year or 60€ / trimester (Oct to Dec; Jan to March; April to June) or 8€ / practice.

For more information : www.zenvekidjo.com?


An art of personal health and knowledge of one’s capabilities and their development, Veki Yoga is derived from Taïso (Asian energy gymnastics), Hatha Yoga (body yoga from India), Chinese medicine and Vekigo Zen.

An hour and a quarter to take a break, unravel, leave tensions and worries behind, cleanse oneself and find a peaceful yet active state of energy.

Practice Schedule :

every other Tuesday from 21h to 22h15 at the Town Hall of Cassagne.

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As an art of active non-violence, AïKiDôi is dynamic, flexible and teaches another way to build constructive relationships.

Proposed activities :

Energetic gymnastic exercises, management of ground and air space, relational dynamics of two or more people, use of tools such as the sabre and staff, massages.
It is the Aïkidô of a Zen Master with another form and another meaning.

Weekly practice schedule (except during school holidays) :

Wednesdays from 19h to 20h15.

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